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We Asked 9 Bartenders: What’s the Best New Rum That’s Earned a Spot on Your Bar?

“Over the past several years, the category of Haitian rum has been reinvigorated in the Western world thanks to the release of single-estate clairin (wild Haitian rum), sourced by French bottler La Maison & Velier. The success of these releases allowed the French spirits company to partner with Haitian rum juggernaut Barbancourt to open the Port-au-Prince distillery. While clairin exclusively uses fresh cane juice, Providence is created using a blend of fresh juice and sugarcane syrup. This creates a more approachable version of the still-strength clairin that the rum world has come to love. I have high hopes that the Port-au-Prince distillery will serve as an ambassador to the category and expand the palates of more casual rum enthusiasts.” —Andrew Nichols, Head of Mixology, Atlas Restaurant Group, Florida/Maryland/Texas/Washington, D.C.

Ashlie Hughes | VinePair

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