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We Asked 10 Bartenders: What Seasonal Bourbon Releases Are You Most Excited About for 2020?

“In the world of tiresome annual whiskey releases, Parker’s Heritage Collection has been a breath of fresh air. Their releases are always unique and delicious. This year’s release has not been revealed, but I have heard rumors circulating that they will be capitalizing on the ‘heavy char’ release from last year that saw so much success, except this time, it will be bourbon instead of rye. Extended-age American whiskies are known for being astringent, and usually the sweet spot is between 6 and 10 years old. Wild Turkey has had great success for their extended-age releases under the Master’s Keep label, which also utilize a high-level char. I have high hopes that the PHC release will have similar complexity of flavor.” — Andrew Nichols, Head of Mixology, Atlas Restaurant Group, Fla./D.C./Md./Texas

Ashlie Hughes | VinePair

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