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VIDEO: As Maryland gets closer to reopening, restaurants take steps to keep customers safe

BALTIMORE (WBFF) — While restaurants remain closed to dine-in service in Maryland, many are already taking steps to ensure customer safety once they are allowed to reopen.

“I can tell you that when we do reopen, we’re going to open responsibly,” Alex Smith, President of Atlas Restaurant Group said.

Atlas, which owns more than a dozen restaurants across the Baltimore area, has implemented new employee training and will also require them to wear face masks, gloves and have their temperature checked before beginning a shift.

“Our safety and hygiene measures are going above and beyond what even the local Governors are requiring,” Smith said.

Atlas also owns numerous restaurants in states that have already reopened, including Texas, where they’ve been able to test other safety measures like spaced out tables and hand sanitizer stations.

Smith said he was surprised by how many people felt comfortable dining out for the first time when they opened in Houston this past weekend.

“Friday, Saturday and Sunday we served over 1,000 people and we turned a few hundred away,” Smith said. “That’s even operating at the required 25% occupancy.”

But with no specific guidance issued for Maryland restaurants just yet, some owners are worried about adapting.

“I feel like we’re all winging it,” Melony Wagner who owns the Charles Village Pub in Towson said. “No one really knows exactly what’s going on because everything changes day by day.”

However, every restaurant says its future success will be based upon the safety of customers.

“We knew right from the beginning we had an obligation to really take this seriously,” Wagner said.

by Dan Lampariello | FOX45

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