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The 9 Best Dry Vermouths of 2021

“There are a few good dry vermouths out there, but the one we use most often is the La Quintinye Extra Dry Vermouth,” says Gavin Humes, director of food and beverage at Scratch Restaurants Group. “It’s nicely balanced, not overwhelming, and sincerely complex. It makes for a brilliant martini or Vesper, and even plays well in a spritz topped with a bit of sparkling water and a twist.”

Rob Vogel, the bar manager at Baltimore’s Monarque, seconds this.

“I enjoy its intense floral-forward and green herb-driven flavors,” he says. “When using La Quintinye Royal in a martini, I add lemon peel, three anise pods, and a sprig of rosemary while stirring the mixing glass. I recommend adding botanicals, herbs, and spices that accentuate the vermouth of your choosing.”

Made in France, this company was the first to ever use Pineau des Charentes as the base of vermouth.

Kate Dingwall | The Spruce Eats

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