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The 7 Best Amarettos in 2021

The Caffo family has been distilling since the end of the 19th century, when Giuseppe Caffo started making spirits at the foot of Sicily’s Mount Etna. His original recipes—primarily wine-based spirits, amaro, limoncino, sambuca, and of course, amaretto—have been passed on from generation to generation.

“I really recommend Caffo Amaretto,” says Rob Vogel, the bar manager at Monarque in Baltimore. “Many amaretti are made with a blend of almonds and apricot pits, but Caffo uses 100 percent Sicilian almonds. This bottle is much less expensive than some of the more popular name brands, and best of all, does not taste artificial.”

Vogel’s preferred use for Caffo Amaretto is in an amaretto sour, to which he adds a bit of dry sherry.

Kate Dingwall | The Spruce Eats

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