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Seafood is a draw during Lent, even during a pandemic

For the season, Thomas Laczynski, has added a large-format turbot to the menu at Ouzo Bay in Houston.

“Turbot to me is the Ferrari of fish,” he said. “It isn’t found on many menus anymore as sourcing can be difficult. It has a buttery, sweet and nutty flavor with large flakes and is a great fish for the table to share.”

Laczynski flies his turbot in daily from Valencia, Spain and serves it whole, but with the bone and skin removed, in a classic preparation: roasted and then bathed in a sauce of brown butter with lemon and white wine, and garnished with toasted almonds and capers, topped off with a chiffonade of flat-leaf parsley.

“The rich nutty flavors with the white wine and lemon juice really make the fish shine,” he said. “Brown butter really brings me back to my childhood eating pierogis with the brown butter we would make as a family.”

The dish is large enough to serve two to three people and is priced at $98.

Bret Thorn | Restaurant Hospitality

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