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Hot to Tot

Tots never really go out of favor. Instead, they seem to pull in and out of focus depending on the mood of the nation. Today, that mood calls for tots and all the comfort that their tender middles and crispy exteriors collectively offer. They also bring sound construction to takeout builds, making them ideal in both loaded “fries” applications and as an accompanying deep-fried potato side.

The Crabby Tots appetizer is a consistent bestseller for The Choptank, a classic fish and crab house from Atlas Restaurant Group in Baltimore. A base of crispy tots gets loaded with Jack and cheddar cheese, a signature Maryland crab dip and more cheese, then is browned in the oven and topped with green onion and Old Bay seasoning.

“The tots work a little better as a base versus traditional french fries because they hold the dip much better. The thicker crust of the tots helps to keep them fresh and crunchy,” says Joe Sweeney, director of marketing for Atlas Restaurant Group. They also make a great to-go item. “In the current state of safety restrictions around dining, Crabby Tots have become a favorite for Baltimore locals, as they are easy to eat on the go and also satisfy a love for all things crab!”

Katie Ayoub | Flavor & The Menu

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