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Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner at Home — Houston’s Top Chefs Offer Their Priceless Tips

Chef Thomas Laczynski, Executive Chef at Ouzo Bay, on Shopping

“Shopping is very important. You can’t make a great meal with subpar ingredients. Also having quantities for how much of each ingredient you will need. For example, when choosing a turkey, I choose a turkey which is free range, never injected with antibiotics, nor injected with hormones and organic feed.

“The ratio I look for is one to one and a quarter pound of turkey per person as we have a lot of side dishes with our meal. Any time that a fresh product is available I go for that and stay away from canned or frozen products. This doesn’t mean you must make everything yourself. For instance, when making my stuffing I use sourdough bread mixed with corn bread. I will buy the sourdough from the bakery to save time.

“We always use fresh, in-season vegetables in our meals to ensure the recipes are consistent to season and region of where we live.”

Shelby Hodge | Paper City Magazine

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